Last week, I attended my second hackathon, which is called Nurture Difference Hackathon. It was organized by Flatiron school, so Flatiron alumni have a chance to collaborate with others. When I saw an announcement about this hackathon, I am excited to join because I will have a new portfolio on my resume. Usually, other hackathons give approximately 36 hours, but Flatiron allows us to finish the project for a week, and all teams must present to other participants. let me share with you how my team can tackle this hackathon.

As usual, I messaged my hackathon team CEO, Alyssa E…


I usually organized for youth group at my church, but because of the pandemic, we cannot do the in-person event. Therefore, I should use my creativity to create an event, and usually, we are using Zoom for our video conference platform. However, I found a cool video conference called, and it is really unique because it looks like a virtual space.

In the several last weeks of my boot camp class, my friend, Alyssa E Easterly, asked me,

“hey Ray!! Would you be interested in entering this hackathon as a team?? It’s Feb 5–7th”

I have never attended a hackathon before, but I know participating in a hackathon will be tiring. We only have 36 hours to finish our application, and I cannot imagine how we can finish an app only for 3 days. Our project at flatiron usually took at least a week to finish. However, I love to be challenged and have a new experience attending a hackathon.

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November 20, 2020, I got an email from an Amazon recruiter that they would be interested in an interview based on my resume. I had mixed feelings, which are happy, shocked, and anxious. How could I get this opportunity? That was the first question that I asked myself. I read the email, and I just realized that I have applied to Amazon in the middle of 2020. Even when I got the email, I was taking a Flatiron class as a software engineer student because I moved to the US and I don’t have any experience here, and it is…

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What is form_with?

form_with is a function that is created by Rails to generate an HTML form tag. It is like a handy shortcut for developers to create forms because forms in web applications are an important aspect for input data from users. Previously, other functions are already created by rails such as form_with and form_tag.

Why should we use form_with?

Firstly, form_with is invented to substituteform_for and form_tag because they are soft deprecated now.

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What is Git?

Git is a version control that helps developers to maintain their code. Imagine if suddenly Mark Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook like the first released version, how the developers could find the first version of Facebook? Git is the answer for this case.

Git also helped developers to collaborate with the team. For instance, developers do not need to copy and paste their code when they want to merge it, but they can use git to transfer their code to others.

Raynaldo Sutisna

Flatiron Student

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